Lijin Zhang

Welcome to my website! I am a Ph.D. student in Developmental and Psychological Science at Stanford University, advised by Professors Ben Domingue and Jason Yeatman.

Prior to Stanford, I have worked on Bayesian analysis, structural equation modeling, and network analysis with Professors Junhao Pan, Edward Ip, Xinya Liang, and Johnny Zhang.

Research Interests

My research interests focus on psychometrics and quantitative methods. Specifically, I am interested in evaluating and improving model generalizability in structural equation modeling. I also investigated the detection of model violations (e.g., local dependence) in the measurement models. Most of my research projects were conducted under Bayesian framework.

My previous research mainly involved continuous response data, but I will do more work on ordinal data in the coming years. Also, I’d like to explore various statistical methods for psychological and educational research, like network analysis and item response models.


lijinzhang [at] stanford [dot] edu

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